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Greetings, I am Don and I’d like to welcome you to my website. Check out some music below. Creating music is a gift, it’s a cool outlet to be creative and share good music with people who like music. I look forward to sharing my music with you.

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The Official Website Of Don.

Music production is something Don got into while attending college and has had a passion since. Actually Don grew up listing to all kinds of artists from different genres. Don is both a music producer and artist as he enjoys creating and writing. If he had to choose though creating is the bread and butter of it all.

If you’re someone who enjoys listening to unique music or you’re looking for music as an artist this is the right place to get your fix. I mean find the music you’re looking for. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter as we look to keep you up to speed on what’s happening int he life of Don.

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Read More From The Blog

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10/01/2020 Up and Coming Local Artist Releases Timely First Song, “Today is a New Day” Song centered around COVID-19 offers

Picture art shout outs

I want to send a special shout out to the talented ppl with the cameras doing some cool work. Shout

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lastest music.

God is so awesome to give us the ability to create music. #dope

Music is

so cool.

To be able to listen and enjoy music… #epic

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