About Me

Thanks for checking out the website and music.

How it all started

My journey in music began years ago. Growing up I had the opportunity to listen to many kinds of genre’s. This included hip hop, classical, pop, and many other genres. In college I got started making tracks with Fruity Loops and Acid. That’s been a little while ago depending on how you look at it. Since then it’s been a continuous journey trying to juggle life, music and self. I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned for anything. Most thankful to have learned about God and his son Jesus and I look to represent through what I do.

I enjoy writing but I really enjoy creating music tracks. I play by ear mostly and I can see my way around the keys lol. I’m a fan of scores but I can create a fire hip hop track. I’m originally from the Bronx New York but I live in Georgia.


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