don-the-donDon aka Dondii has been producing music since attending college at Savannah State University. His journey in producing began when he learned about sampling with Acid Pro 2. Over the next several years he took to learning about producing and the business side of music by attending several music business networking events. Thinking back Don says many producers have influenced his passion for creating music. He points out that such credits easily go to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Riza, JDilla, Quincy Jones, Run-DMC, Pete Rock, Brian Eno, Simon and Garfunkel, DJ Knowhow, Marley Marl, Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, and several others.

His passion for music began at an early age listening to hip hop in the Bronx New York and other genre’s in upstate New York while at boarding school. Don got a chance to listen to west coast music when he wen and lived out in San Diego as a teen. He then moved to Atlanta and it was in college where he first started creating music.

He saved up his coins and was able to buy a Korg Triton which has enabled him to create some really cool music. Over time he has added more to his tools and is a fan of both Cubase Pro and Pro Tools. He also enjoys making tracks on the Renaissance and 249. He looks to work with established and aspiring artists as well as work with corporations looking for music to use online, at venues, and cable.