Atlanta Music Producer Releases New Birthday Song

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Atlanta, Ga- September 21, 2018 – Aspiring music producer and songwriter in Atlanta, Georgia “Don” has created a new song for one of the greatest days everyone celebrates – birthdays. “Happy Birthday” will be available for sale on October 5, 2018 at his website and on major streaming outlets.

Highlighting his creative writing and music production chops, Don hopes his birthday song is a success with the masses and will raise funds to live on, pay off his student loans, hire a team to build his music production business, and help the local community. Don-happy-birthday-song

“One challenge I see in running my small business is funding, if I have more funding, I can do more, reach more, hire more, and hammer down on my goals. I got creative and thought, maybe the song could be a kind of funding campaign the same way startups have funding rounds with angel investors,” said Don.

Don started creating music back in college using Acid Pro and Pro Tools. He is also seeking music production work for movies, video games, commercials, sporting events, TV shows, and artists. Projects in the pipeline include putting out a 5-7 mini lp that showcases his creative ability. His end game Is working with artists and businesses to create dope music.

Check out Don’s professional beats and ringtones for sale at

For more information contact Steward Clinton: 404-477-4512



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