Time is our canvas

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Time is our canvas and music is our paint brush, time to create a masterpiece.


Happy Birthday Song And Ringtone Is Available For Purchase

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Happy Birthday Song

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Happy Birthday

Written by: Steward Clinton

you made it to another year!

Happy Birthday its your birthday!


Happy Birthday.. today is the day

Happy Birthday.. friends and family will say

Happy Birthday.. today is your day

happy birthday.. please help me to say


Happy birthday shawty, it’s another year

time to shift that life into another gear

party people hit the floor cause its time to dance

I made this hit just for you so its time to dance

this my master piece its stronger than plastic

even master card knows its a priceless classic

this is your day your way theres no excuse

do it just like fame let me see you get loose

I’m gonna live for ever and learn how to fly

put some fresh clothes on like johnny Mcfly

cause its your birthday tell the haters thats why

im gonna enjoy this life til the day that I die

this day is known world wide just like visa

its a priceless classic like mona lisa

invite ya folks over and have a good time

aint no party like a birthday party time to shine


Happy Birthday.. today is the day

Happy Birthday.. friends and family will say

Happy Birthday.. today is your day

happy birthday.. please help me to say


Tell us what you want to do cause today is your day

do it just like burger king have it your way

who’s birthday is it? the one looking right there

you know i’m talking bout you put ya hands in the air

watch all the people stare, some think it aint fair

say it loud and proud “I really dont care”

their day will come but see today is yours

you got them winning lotto numbers girl head to the store

play this in the club, you can play this in the street

play this at your  block party cause this beat got heat

break out the birthday cake and them birthday candles

make yourself a wish then blow out them birthday candles

another year to celebrate this is history

in the winter time on slopes you can see frank ski

they thought i was playing when I said I had me a hit

I took it to the stock market and the stock just split


Happy Birthday.. today is the day

Happy Birthday.. friends and family will say

Happy Birthday.. today is your day

happy birthday.. please help me to say


Do your birthday dance 4x

come on oh 4x

Do your birthday dance 4x

come on oh 4x

Oh my bad.

2 days until the happy birthday song by don goes live

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The new “happy birthday” song will be released in two days!! Why did I do it? It’s probably one of the greatest gifts I can give looking at it from a talent perspective. I created an awesome song in time and space celebrating family and friends and complete strangers birthdays, it’s worth it. I enjoy creating music and hopefully this song would display that music truth. There will be a ringtone that can also be purchased which can be used on smartphones. Imagine… you make the song your ringtone and when people call you to wish you a happy birthday it plays. Or even if they send you a text you make it your text notification lol. More to come, peace.


8 days until Happy Birthday Song Is Released

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On October 5, 2018 Happy Birthday will be released as a song and ringtone and can be purchase on donmusic.us or can be streamed. You will be able to listen first on Donmusic.us because well it don-musiconly makes sense to hear it here first. The birthday song was created to celebrate people’s birthdays. The ringtone is the best part as it pulls from the chorus of the song and is perfect to add to your phone’s ringtone on your special day or your family, friends, or colleagues special day. 10 people will win the chance to score the song for free, all you have to do it like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dondii7/

8 days to go.

From Dysfunctional to Functional

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From Dysfunctional To Functional


Man this life we live, it’s a challenge. They say the events we experience when we’re growing up shape the rest of our lives and I believe there is truth to that. How does one deal with foster care and boarding school all the while trying to live an adult life? Eh… many ways. What’s your out? Mines is relying on God, I won’t sugar coat it and say a higher power or the one up stairs. I get my peace from God. How did I find him? Well he first found me. Seeds were sown through many people who have shared the good news about Jesus.

Salvation from what?

Eternal separation from mans creator was the destiny of us all because of the first man and because of the second man (Jesus). I don’s see how people can be offended or hate a man who decided to lay down his life for all of man kind with the hopes of reuniting us with Elohim, Abba, our Father.

I realize I am still a sinner

I am only righteous through faith in Jesus, everything else takes work. I mean real work, in a society where we’re encouraged to indulge in our wildest desires it takes a certain kind of effort (That Moses effort) to think and act otherwise. Some people will even think there’s something wrong with you if you don’t do like they do. such is life

I judge no one

I learned a good story from Jesus in the scriptures where he teaches us to work on removing the plank out of our own eyes first then we can worry about the speck in our brothers eye. In other words dont  judge others when we have our own dirt be it in our personal life or professional lives. They’ll get it one day.

Rejection sucks

Yeah so my father wants nothing to do with me, how does one handle that? Being I didn’t meet him until not too long ago the bond that might have been damaged at such a fact doesn’t exist. I pray for him though and forgive him because that’s what I learned in the word. In the mean time I cast my cares on the Lord because he cares for me, I read that in 1 Peter 5:7.

TBC 6:44 pm 9/26/2018

Mind Renewal

In order to be different I see I have to think different, different than the old me. That’s hard but not impossible. Reading the bible gives mankind a perspective no other piece of literature can give us. It teaches us right and wrong, how to love our neighbors as ourselves, how to love ourselves, how to love even our enemy… if they’re thirsty give them something to drink. A good way to unplug from the worries and cares of life is reading God’s Word. Romans 12:2 check it out. Yep men wrote the bible but they did so under the direction of God. I speak of men like Paul, Peter, Mark, Luke, John, Ezekiel, David, Solomon, Peter, Isaiah, Moses, Matthew, and a couple of other men. All of these men and the women who supported them had one thing in common, their humanity. The bible is not meant to control us. We can’t follow all the rules of the bible but we can have faith in Jesus and thats all we need. That doesn’t mean do wrong but rather exercise our free will to do right. Did you mess up? Pray, repent, and work on not messing up again. We can make it. A relationship with God is not performance based. Ask me what I mean and I’ll tell you.

Cry for help

Suicide is a real, depression is real but God also is real. Life can seem fair or unfair depending on your perspective. It can seem like we’re living in hell on earth while others are enjoying life in paradise as they know it. When I am down and out those thoughts can hit the mind like a scolding iron arrows but my comfort comes in the Lord. In knowing he cares for me like he cares for you. How so? He loved the world so much he sent his son in the form of a man, allowed him to be killed then flexed his sovereignty by raising him back to life all to give you…me… us the opportunity to have a personal relationship with him. Feel like ending your life because of “a”, “b”,”c”, (name your situation), God controls your heartbeat and will help you get through, call on him. Don’t stay isolated. Got something you’re facing, feel free to reach out. If I can help I will try with the Lord’s help.

If there’s anything worth while I can say to you it is don’t give up hope and continue to endure. This world only has so long and when Jesus comes back whether it is in our time or after we’re gone it will all be worth it in the end.

Atlanta Music Producer Releases New Birthday Song

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Atlanta, Ga- September 21, 2018 – Aspiring music producer and songwriter in Atlanta, Georgia “Don” has created a new song for one of the greatest days everyone celebrates – birthdays. “Happy Birthday” will be available for sale on October 5, 2018 at his website and on major streaming outlets.

Highlighting his creative writing and music production chops, Don hopes his birthday song is a success with the masses and will raise funds to live on, pay off his student loans, hire a team to build his music production business, and help the local community. Don-happy-birthday-song

“One challenge I see in running my small business is funding, if I have more funding, I can do more, reach more, hire more, and hammer down on my goals. I got creative and thought, maybe the song could be a kind of funding campaign the same way startups have funding rounds with angel investors,” said Don.

Don started creating music back in college using Acid Pro and Pro Tools. He is also seeking music production work for movies, video games, commercials, sporting events, TV shows, and artists. Projects in the pipeline include putting out a 5-7 mini lp that showcases his creative ability. His end game Is working with artists and businesses to create dope music.

Check out Don’s professional beats and ringtones for sale at https://www.donmusic.us/

For more information contact Steward Clinton: 404-477-4512



Don prepares to launch song.

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Taking life one day at a time, so much going on. it would be good to put out a birthday song, something people could send to friends, family, coworkers, etc. Lets see if this works out right. Part of my goal with this song is to show my production chops. We’ll see how it goes. #music #work


Hip Hop Instrumental 2018

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I created this track with several inspiring ideas…Dance, work, culture, life, God. Please support me by making a purchase.

To purchase go to the home page.

Buy Some Dope Ringtones Here

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It would be a great help in the quest for fan reliance lol. But yeah… so I’ve created some tracks that may not become full songs but are dope for being a ringtone on smartphones. Sooner than later more and more tracks will appear on the website and span several genre’s. We’re thinking about a subscription idea where users can just play a small monthly fee to download and listen to what they want. Do you think that’s something you’d do if the price were $3.99? Please let me know.


On the great ocean road. #Australia