Web Host Creates Song | One Word…#Dope

Mar 15, 2018 by admin - 0 Comments

Yes the Stew Hosting song is dope hands down. It was pretty cool to get the opportunity to produce song for web host StewHosting and help them promote their business. They are a new startup looking to offer web hosting services. I know there are a lot of big name and little name web hosts out there but there’s always room. They offer shared web hosting and vps web hosting which is at their core and they’re looking to offer other services in the near future.

When I created the song I was inspired to write from the perspective of a first person who is strivingi like many people around the world to go to work and get things done. I wanted the tempo to be upbeat and popish. It was cool to have total creative reign and I think I did them justice in coming up with something that has spunk. I didnt think I’d write a typical long song but something that was short and if they wanted they could add video to. Well, behold that got done as well. The video wasn’t about the web host per say but about the people just living life. Sure you see the logo on the bottom right of the video but the angle is beyond the traditional approach to promoting a business. It was fun creating the music, writing the lyrics, and recording the track. I enjoy editing too so I really enjoyed that part as well. I like telling a story through music and video so I will keep at it. Thanks for checking the music out and if you need hosting check out Stew Hosting.


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