Mercedes Benz Sounds Like Fun

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Thought this would be a good track to put to some car motion.



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Created another dope track and wanted to share it. I enjoy listening to many genre’s of music as well as creating in them. I think this one is really special. Check it out, that’s all I can say. If you’re interested in Stem files or want to purchase the track contact me.


Web Host Creates Song | One Word…#Dope

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Yes the Stew Hosting song is dope hands down. It was pretty cool to get the opportunity to produce song for web host StewHosting and help them promote their business. They are a new startup looking to offer web hosting services. I know there are a lot of big name and little name web hosts out there but there’s always room. They offer shared web hosting and vps web hosting which is at their core and they’re looking to offer other services in the near future.

When I created the song I was inspired to write from the perspective of a first person who is strivingi like many people around the world to go to work and get things done. I wanted the tempo to be upbeat and popish. It was cool to have total creative reign and I think I did them justice in coming up with something that has spunk. I didnt think I’d write a typical long song but something that was short and if they wanted they could add video to. Well, behold that got done as well. The video wasn’t about the web host per say but about the people just living life. Sure you see the logo on the bottom right of the video but the angle is beyond the traditional approach to promoting a business. It was fun creating the music, writing the lyrics, and recording the track. I enjoy editing too so I really enjoyed that part as well. I like telling a story through music and video so I will keep at it. Thanks for checking the music out and if you need hosting check out Stew Hosting.


Need Your Support

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Thanks for taking a moment to learn more how you can support an aspiring music producer. While I get going with my music career it takes help from people like you to keep pushing. It is my goal to put up some music for purchase and that would be an even greater help in supporting the music drive. Your help could also be a share, mention, or financial support. If you’d like to make a donation please check out the link below. Your support will go to investing in more equipment and software, marketing, pr, expenses, etc. Thank you for your support.


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While on the way home from Sydney, Australia I checked out the documentary Score. It was inspiring and I learned several things one of which is there are no rules when it comes to composing music…. making a track…. making a beat. In the end you just gotta do you and unleash the God given gift. Music is one thing you cannot touch but only listen too which is so cool! There’s so much to talk about in the video but putting it all down is the trick, eh I’ll just share what I thought. Good job Matt Schrader!score


I did see that deadlines are key when it comes to doing music for movies. Composers are under heavy pressure to continually come up with god like compositions that inspire and lead audiences and help them connect with a movie. It is the most awesome thing to tell a story with music…ahh. If you haven’t seen it and appreciate music…. go watch it.

Its good to gain insight from composers you grew up listening to and hearing about the history of music in the movie business. It’s inspiring how creativity and music go hand and hand. The effort that goes into creating something soul touching is…wow! So many movies are being put out and there’s not enough time to listen to the latest soundtracks from movies. Oh yeah, there are streaming services out there such as Pandora, Spotify, and the other platforms. Now its just making the time to listen… that’s the struggle.

It was good to see full orchestra’s coming in and playing a composers music with no prior time of playing the music. That is soo cool! I liked seeing several of the recording studios where some of the most iconic music and scores have been composed. It would be cool to stop by Abbey Road Studios for more inspiration. I must add, a goal of mine is to do a score for a movie, it will happen…I believe… now watch and listen.

The Work Continues

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But it doesn’t feel like work as much if you’re doing what you enjoy. Today we worked on uploading music tracks to the website and we’re in the testing phase to confirm everything is working. Ran into a couple of snags but I think we’ll have things in place for the tracks by next week. Creating music is so cool, its a blessing to be able to create something that can move people in a good way. The progress continues.


Gearing up

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Thanks for stopping by the website. The purpose…music production. Our goal is to work in the field I’m passionate about and share this gift and work with artists and businesses alike. There are several areas I’m going to focus on but I know its a process. We look to have the music up to be listened to within the next 30 days max. That’s the goal it could be sooner. Either way thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions or comments feel free to send a message or chat we me.



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Thanks for stopping by, we’re currently putting together the website part by part so please be patient with us as we continue to work.