I want to send a special shout out to the talented ppl with the cameras doing some cool work. Shout out to pexels. I look to get a camera separate from my smartphone soon and shoot life like you guys.

Album cover Today is a New Day: Pixabay

Barter Town: Don

Chesters Back: Magda Ehlers

Chillin on my scoota: Norma Mortenson

Day Of Reckoning: Don

Don on the weekend: Daria Shevtsova

Hands Up Don’t Shoot: Life Matters

His Return: Josh Sorenson

Hit Em With A Hit: Daniel Bending

Day Of Reckoning: Don

Talk To Me: Wallace Chuck

Tension Dancing On Clouds: Fabrizio Verrecchia

Im The Best at What I Do: Don

They’re On Their Way: Flo Maderebner

Thought You Knew: Julio Motta

Thrilled: Jacob Morch

Underestimated: Julia M Cameron

Turn It Up Now: Pixabay